Live Supervision

Our specialized software called Chatviser allows supervision of the online Quran Classes. The online lessons are supervised by our highly qualified staff trained for this purpose.

Record & Playback

Al-Quran Online School provides its users with the feature of recording the online sessions so that they can be played back later by the students, their parents or our supervisors. This additional feature is helpful in quality control and progress check.

Male/Female Quran Teachers

We provide both male and female online Quran teachers to facilitate the sisters who feel comfortable learning with female tutors.

No Language Barrier

Al-Quran Online School provides Quran teachers who are fluent in English, Urdu and Arabic to accommodate students from different countries

Anywhere, Any Device

To facilitate our users we provide the opportunity to take online Quran classes on any device. Our website uses skype as well as Chatviser for Quran lessons which is available on computer as well as Android and iOS mobiles.

Free Trial Classes

Al-Quran Online School offers online Quran learning free trial classes to its users. This practice makes it easy for the students to evaluate our services and join us as permanent users.

How Online Quran Lesson Works?


Teacher calls the student at the scheduled time.


Student accepts the call , either audio or video, then one to one session starts.


Teacher teaches the student digitally with the help of digital book that is displayed on the screen which both student and teacher could see.


Parental Watch: All of your classes are recorded and you can playback the classes whenever you want to monitor your children’s Quran learning progress.

What our students say?


” I am very pleased with the progress both my children have made so far. In less than a month they have learned two duas and have advanced in recognizing the Arabic letters as well as reading combination of letters. I truly appreciate the chat viser application because it allows the kids to practice their lessons through the week since my children receive weekend lessons only. The teachers are splendid, respectful, and patient with the children. I appreciate their timeliness in meeting with the kids. They consistently check in 10 minutes before class to ensure that they are ready for their class. In Sha Allah once my youngest reaches of age I will also enroll him in class. I highly recommend Online Quran Lessons for any students. ”

Hadia’s Mother

Mother of Student, U.S.A


“Asalamuailaikum.Alhumdililah I feel so blessed that I came to know about this website and I have joined it.They provide us with female and male teachers as per our wish who are very talented , co operative and patient with the students, youth friendly and moreover they teaches us according to our mindset. This website is just a complete package of learning almost everything starting from the basic of Arabic alphabets.Jazakallah qair thanks so much to the team of Online Quran Lesson! may Allah reward u guyz with the highest levels in paradise! Ameen
I can understand how hard it is to take out your time and teach.Plz continue this beautiful work!!! May Allah shower his blessings on this website and their ppl.


Student, India


Do you focus on teaching Quran to beginners or you also provide advanced Quran learning courses?

Al-Quran Online School focuses on learning for beginners as well as on teaching
advanced Quran learning courses. You can view the details of the courses we
provided on our website and register in the course of your liking.

Do you have a trial version of your lessons?

Al-Quran Online School provides free trial classes for a week after which, if you are satisfied and comfortable with our online Quranic teachers, you can register as a permanent student. We currently have a number of students who took our free trial classes and were happy with the experience.

Do you have Female Quranic Teacher?

Yes we provide both male and Female Quranic teachers.It depends on your
choice and they are available for weekend sessions as well as weekdays sessions.

Are the classes conducted on a fixed regular schedule?

Al-Quran Online School provides its users with the facility to decide when to conduct the classes. This enables the students to take the classes at
the time most suited to them. However the duration of each session is fixed.

What are the courses you offered?

Payment Methods?

Payment method is very easy for everyone.You can pay through Credit Card, VisaCard or you can transfer payment via Online Bank Transfer.


Register for free trial class.

Register for free 3 days trial classes without entering any payment information.

Schedule time for class.


We’ll contact you to confirm your availability so that we can schedule your class.

Take your first class.

student-call (1)

If you have done the first two steps, you are all ready to go. We’ll contact you and provide you the credentials for chatviser app so that you can start learning Quran.